Seefood Diet

Eating at Hot Pot Buffet in Boston Chinatown

After eating and living healthily for the last 6 weeks, I endured a series of poor life choices this past weekend. As the classes for the ’09-’10 year finally came to a close, it was obligatory that my mom and I perform the traditional and sacred rites of eating amazing food. We saw various food and put it in our mouths (a Seefood Diet– I’m lame).

Enid and I pretending to salsa (yes, I find it fitting that the dance we're doing is also a food)

Before I begin my first post, let me introduce myself. So I’m Jon! As Enid wrote, we’re starting this blog to talk about our favorite activities.

We’ll be blogging from all over the globe. From New Jersey, Saint Louis, Boston, Geneva and more, I hope Enid and I serve up some great posts on food to your liking. Compliments to the chefs are always appreciated in our comments section.

A round of compliments to the chefs at Neptune Oyster! I first learned about this cute, high end restaurant in the North End from the Boston Phoenix‘s “Best of 2010 Reader’s Picks” as Best Seafood Restaurant. Neptune Oyster has been featured in such magazines as Food and Wine and Travel and Leisure. From very first bite, you understand all the national recognition.

My mom and I ordered the Neptunes on Piggyback, which are these delicate piles of shredded pork, fried oysters and sprigs of pea sprouts with a little drizzle of oil and a bit of sweetness from golden raisins all over crostini. I would not have thought to couple fried oyster with shredded pork, but the pairing worked really well. The slight chewy tenderness of the pork with the crisp of the fried batter and the gooey oyster on top of the crunch of the crostini lent an adventure of different textures in one bite. I am not such a fan of raisin anything with savory dishes, but that’s my own personal preference.

Next, we had their Maine Lobster Roll. While looking at the menu and around at what other people were eating, it seemed that nearly everyone was ordering the Maine Lobster Roll. The most immediate part of the dish was the beautifully tender lobster pieces that were brightly pink and lightly brushed with butter. This famously New England dish was the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time. The butter was there but not overbearing. It was perfectly seasoned to best present the lobster in all its glory. Each piece of lobster was tender and juicy. The side of fries felt excessive; however, there were none left by the end of the meal.

With a short walk to Mike’s Pastry to get a cannoli, the night in the North End was a perfect way to end a year of studying and perfect for leaving behind my summer in Boston.

Neptune Oyster
63 Salem Street
Boston, MA 02113-2273
(617) 742-3474

Neptunes on Piggyback-$15
Maine Lobster Roll-$25


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