Easy Virgin Bloody Mary

This post is devoted to Bea Vidal whose birthday is tomorrow.

Speaking of getting older, I still am underage. But I want to talk about a super fun summer afternoon drink that’s both cooling and refreshing! I don’t mix anything super complicated, just something easy after a morning workout at the gym or pool. It’s also both really healthy and filling, so you don’t end up gorging on something fatty or carby.

Jon’s Easy Virgin Bloody Mary

1 cup Low Sodium Vegetable Juice
2-3 dashes of hot sauce
1 dash of cayenne pepper

I like the low sodium version because of the obvious health reasons, but I think it does make the juice as heavy as regular versions do. I also like an extra kick in the glass so I add both hot sauce and cayenne pepper.

I read this great article in the NYT about ways restaurants fancy up Bloody Mary’s:

At Prune you can have a vodka-based bloody with pickled Brussels sprouts, caper berries, white turnips, green beans and radishes — this version is called a Chicago Matchbox — or with wasabi and a beef jerky swizzle stick (the Green Lake). You can have a gin-based bloody with a pickled egg (the Caesar) or a tequila-based bloody with chipotle (the Southwest). Those are just four of the 10 bloody options.

But I like my version… mostly for the name which somehow references both Bloody Mary Queen of Scots and the Virgin Mary. I think a small garnish wouldn’t hurt and would really help in presentation. I’m not too interested in drinking a salad, so I’m good without all the condiments.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Bea!

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