Comfort Food

Both Enid and I are slaving away.

I feel like my body is turning to mush… and my stress-eating habits are definitely not helping one bit.

Here’s what I’ve been eating:

Salty. Spicy. Very crunchy.

Salty. Spicy. I usually add some veggies like collard greens or spinach and an egg. yum.

I take some ripe avocado and spread about a quarter of it onto a cracker and sprinkle a touch of salt. Divine.

Oh man. So, lately I’ve also been drinking coffee to help keep me alert while studying. Coffee and chocolate.

No better marriage exists.

*Click on a photo for the website it was taken from.


One thought on “Comfort Food

  1. Hahahaha love it Jon. This week I’ve been disobeying that age-old adage “quality over quantity” and instead been doing quantity AND quality, which implies a luxuriously high fat intake.

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