Let’s Begin with Breakfast

Don't talk to me, I'm eating.

So, I guess it’s time to get back to this? I don’t know what happened last semester. Actually, post writing does take a bit of time, and so I felt like I needed to set aside quality time to write something, but really this whole thing is kind of like how I went to the gym last semester: I didn’t.

Because this coming semester is my last one and shouldn’t be too hard, I’m hoping to get back to writing (and the gym), hopefully with less excuses and more results. I suppose the two objectives are sort of counterproductive (i.e. going to the gym and eating savory, delicious foods), but I digress.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write about this one amazing breakfast I had sometime back in October with one of my good friends. We had chanced upon a beautiful Fall day, perfect for a stroll down Newbury Street. We were going to do one of my favorite things to do in Boston: walk down Commonwealth Ave. and make our way across Boston. It was the kind of late Fall day that prematurely bit at you with cold and surprised you only because the trees were still green.

Cafeteria, though having mixed reviews from my friends, has a modest Brunch menu. When our waitress came for our orders, I asked for her recommendation. She immediately replied, “Oh, hands down the Truffled Scrambled Eggs are my favorite.”

Served in a cute, but clumsy Jar.

Cafeteria has a quaint look to it, nothing particularly spectacular, even a little homey, but I think that’s the idea. On the north side of Newbury, Cafeteria looks south, and on a bright morning like the one we had chosen for Sunday brunch, the sun brightens the mostly white interior and reflects off the mirrored wall. It would be a far stretch to call the restaurant beautiful, but it had a refreshing feeling; we could also just simply call it nice.

The eggs came out hot and fluffy. They smelled richly of truffle oil. A small bite of arugula, my favorite salad leaf, accompanied some Parmesan on top of bruschetta to add a nice nuttiness to the fluffy eggs, which were followed nicely with the toasted bruschetta. My friend Bea can tell you how much I loved every fork-full, and it’s hard not to gush more about it.

I also ordered some Cafeteria Lemonade. It was late enough in the day, we had decided, for a beverage with a touch of vodka. While a bit strong, the pairing was pretty nice with the Truffled Scrambled Eggs. The Jar was pretty cute, but tended to spill around the glass rather than pour into it.

279a Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02216
(617) 536-2233

Truffled Scrambled Eggs-$10
Cafeteria Lemonade-$10 (Jar priced differently)


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