Taiwanese Sausage and Bun (大腸包小腸)

Since I feel like procratinating tonight, let me share more photos from Taiwan. This is from the same Shilin night market, 市林夜市One of the great foods they have are these sort of Taiwanese hot dogs in a bun kind of idea called Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang (大腸包小腸). Instead, it’s these pork sausages that have this really distinct Chinese flavor. The “bun” they sit in is a rice filled sausage encasing.

You can get it with a bunch of condiments just like American hot dog stands. Here, you see some starchy soy sauce and pickled cabbage. I think there are bits of garlic also.

Hot and fresh, they give of steam even in the heat of midsummer. They’re juicy and oily. When you bit into the sausage it’s just the right mix of savory and oily with the garlic and pickled cabbage combo cutting right through the fat.

Best eaten while walking around the various stalls looking for your next edible purchase.


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